To discover what really matters, young people need to grow and explore outside the comfort of their family and friends. This growth gives them the courage to engage our changing culture with empathy and adaptability.

Why parents trust us?

The benefits of a true immersion!

  • We follow through on supervision.
  • Full-time Director, with local leadership.
  • Teacher, parent recommended program.
  • Individual needs – not a group tour.
  • Great community reputation.
  • Historic high school exchange.
  • Top schools from the U.S and Canada.
  • Gain a local perspective.
  • Jump a level in Spanish.
  • Elevate your people skills.
  • Adapt and grow as a person
  • Youth leadership opportunities
  • Homestays all have children in the schools.
  • Gain the confidence to live and work in Latin America.

Make this - the summer you become bilingual!

  • Student tours = fun.
  • Our immersion = fun + personal growth + adaptabilty + language skills + youth leadership.
  • This summer invest in more – than just fun.
youth leadership, Nicaragua Summer Exchange

Who may enroll? Any high school age students (15 – 18 yrs) At least one year of high school level Spanish!

Who should enroll?  Motivated and responsible high school students excited about experiencing Spanish in an authentic Central American community. This is a vibrant youth-focused program embraced by our high schools. Providing visiting students with a fun and easy-going environment to make friends while building fluency in Spanish. You will not believe how much you will learn and experience in four weeks! Each student should have the maturity to follow instructions an adapt to changes. Language level is not as important as motivation!

Who should not enroll? Any student looking for a “Cancun experience” involving bars and alcohol. Any student not ready to use Spanish on a daily basis. Each student will need the maturity to adapt to a new environment outside their normal comfort zone.

Do we provide parent referrals? Absolutely, we provide parent and teacher contacts in your area.

What makes our program a great value. Personal growth, Spanish skills and global citizenship does not happen on a “teen tour”. Our budget is 1/3 transportation costs, for that reason, we do not charge you for extra immersion weeks. You need at least three weeks to adapt to a new community. Stay with us 8 weeks and become bilingual!  The longer you stay the less you pay  – you benefit with a new connection and new language skills.

What makes our program so unique? First of all, Central America’s oldest high school exchange. Our program is fully integrated into the local high school scene giving students endless opportunities to make friends and expand their Spanish skills. We shape our program solely around the individual interests of each student. We have developed the program from the suggestions of our students, so each year we continue to evolve and maintain a fresh, and exciting approach to community interaction.  We also run our own excursions, fiestas, sports programs, cultural events, school exchange and community service – so every summer something new and exciting is happening. In the summer of 2004 we are proud to have started the first ever girls soccer program in the Granada region, 2010 we started a schools arts exchange program, 2014 we added a regional cooking class.

Do we offer Community Service?  Absolutely, each student is matched according to their interests and talents to local youth programs. Our volunteer is fun, active and unforgettable! We run soccer programs, teach music, tutor in the schools, share arts and craft projects, play games with disadvantaged children, practice dance, compete and run sports programs, It’s really incredible how far a little Spanish will go when you believe in sharing the experience with local kids. We also invite students to bring anything from home to improve their experience, students from last summer brought frisbee’s and started a frisbee frenzy, one student brought his saxophone and joined the local high school band and tutored young musicians. Proceeds from our immersion program go to support local youth programs in sports and the arts.

Will my Spanish improve? Yes (dramatically), and more importantly your understanding of how to use it according to local culture. Many people speak Spanish but alienate local people because they are ignorant of Latino culture. We teach Spanish so your voice communicates respect and because you’re out speaking and interacting with local people you earn a big “high five” from the community. No doubt about it, this is a challenging program- you are immersed, but you will never regret for one moment joining us in Granada.

Will I be isolated in Spanish? Never, students live a short distance from each other. Everything is within walking distance, each day we have group peer to peer activities at the high school and plenty of free-time to mingle.

What is included in each program price?  Nicaragua Summer Exchange provides students with an affordable all-inclusive program, including: Round trip airfare from major U.S. cities, overseas medical and evacuation insurance, program doctor, free phone and e-mail service to students, all overseas land transports and airport pick-up, all lodging and home-stays: including all meals, laundry, purified water, all language sessions and tutoring, all high school, community and cultural events, all excursions, bilingual staff, toll free 24 hr. emergency communication for parents.

We offer flexible dates and flights! We understand that family events may conflict with our group flight dates, no problem! We want every student to have the opportunity to participate. Join our program late, leave early or extend your dates – at no extra cost. We make sure all the logistics are taken care of included airport transport and flight times.

Can parents make their own flight arrangements? Certainly, we discount the airfare from the total price. Typical discount is $800, we make no profit on air travel.

How do I reserve my spot?  Send in a completed application, students are accepted on a first come first serve basis. If you’re interested in participating we recommend applying early since we limit program enrollment.

What happens after my application is received? After confirming your reservation in the program, we will send to you our pre-departure information materials.

How do I learn more about the program?  Request our program brochure, feel free to send us your telephone number and best time to call so program director Ilba Prego can answer all your specific questions!

What is the program background?  Created 1998, the program grew out of the historic 35 year Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partnership Program, the program was developed by teachers and community leaders with the purpose of connecting high school Spanish students to family and community life in Central America. In 1998 the program became part of the Wisconsin Public Schools International Programs, today the program enrolls students from across the United States and is recognized as one of Latin America’s most authentic high school immersion programs.  The Nicaragua Summer Exchange partners with the University of Wisconsin, Ministry of Education Granada, University of Leon/Nicaragua and the Center for Citizen Diplomacy. Freshman or senior,

What age is best? Our experience shows that age is not nearly as important as motivation. The time for immersion is when the student is excited and ready to go for it! Many of our best students were younger with less Spanish skills. The confidence and maturity they gained in the immersion experience carried-over into the next school year.

How do parents determine if their child should join this program?

  1. Motivation to interact.
  2. Uses good judgment at home
  3. Ready for a greater challenge

Who is responsible for in-country for students. We are accountable to parents and to our community – we strongly believe in appropriate curfews and personal behavior! The Nicaragua Summer Program is not a place where students are left alone to do as they please. Each student is a guest in our community, responsible for maintaining our high program standards regarding conduct. Students are guided by a friendly, highly trained team of educators, community leaders and former Peace Corps volunteers. Each student receives daily supervision from four sources: Program Director, teachers, host family, and youth coordinator. Program staff members are available 24 hours a day, and live within walking distance of students. Ilba Prego, Program Director can be contacted anytime by students or parents!

Are there medical concerns? No different from anywhere else, our most common ailment is the common cold. A few students each year have a small period adapting to the food and climate.  Our food is very healthy, locally grown. We provide at no cost our family doctor clinic for any student. Students are chaperoned on every health visit. We keep parents notified on any health concern.

Do you provide referrals from parents and students who have participated in the program? Absolutely, contact us for parent referrals from your area. We also provide Spanish teacher referrals, who hve visited our program.

What makes our program safe? We provide a close-knit family support environment. Just like at home, students are required to stay within our boundaries and be on time to all events. We supervise and coordinate all activities from excursions to host family supervision. We maintain a very clear set of Safety Rules and Guidelines that are meticulously enforced. Secondly, because we maintain a very strong and personal connection within the community, including the Mayor’s office, the cultural center, school directors and youth community programs we keep well informed of local conditions. Unlike many immersion programs that are run by a foreign staff we are native community members. Thirdly, our program is high school only! For that reason we maintain high school appropriate supervision, behavior, curfews and guidelines. We also maintain a small program in a small city. We limit enrollment to approx. 20 students, which allows us to focus on individual student needs and interests. Thirdly, we maintain a small staff to student ratio, our staff provides supervision during all activities and are available to assist students at any time, day or night. Presently, Nicaragua is one of Latin America’s safest countries for foreign travel. Note: all of the above will not matter if we do not have the student’s cooperation in ensuring their own safety. The staff will not be able to supervise students around-the-clock, and it will ultimately be up to the students themselves to respect the program rules and exercise caution and practice good judgment.

Ask this question of all high school programs?  Who is the in-country director and how much experience? Our director Ilba Prego is a native Nicaraguan, a recognized community leader with decades of high school and university program development. Ilba supervises all aspects of the program from excursions to high school sessions, host families to transportation. Parents can contact the director 24/7. Since 1998, every student participant has returned healthy and safe!

How do students communicate with home?  Students can easily stay in touch with home through our internet usage. All host families can be reached via telephone. Many host families also have e-mail. Program Director is reachable 24 hrs a day through our Toll Free Service for Parents.

What is a typical day in the program? Monday through Friday students meet at their high school from 9:00am – 12:00am The language sessions will focus on communication, conversation and cultural  skills. Each session is broken up into fun and active intercultural activities within the community and local schools. Students are in small groups practicing real language situations that provide “hands on” tasks, such as tortilla -making, creating refrescos, buying in the market, ceramic arts, adobe arts, asking directions, politeness in speaking, and facilitating school friendships. Students enjoy our siesta lunch break from 12:00pm until 2:30pm, afternoons are spent in community service with local youth and children organizations, evenings include: music, dance, movies, live concerts, fiestas, theatre, sports.

Weekends we explore nearby attractions such as rainforest, farms, islands, beaches, volcanoes and Host high school dance nights. (teacher to student ratio 1:5)

What are the Host Family Conditions? Students live with middle -class families, each Host Family provides a comfortable and friendly environment to experience traditional home life in Latin America. All of our Host Families attend our annual training session on caring for a visiting high school student. All of our host families live in the historic colonial Granada. Students live within close walking distance to everything including each other and program staff. Host Families are responsible for providing healthy meals, purified water and juice, daytime snacks, private secured room, and laundry. Host Families are in close contact with the Program Director in all aspects of the students’ health and welfare, students are responsible for respecting Host Family home rules and curfews.

 How much time will I be spending with my host family? As much as you would like! At the very least, you will have breakfasts, lunch and dinners and weekend free-time with your family. Ideally, you will spend enough time with them to learn about their lives, make friends with their friends and relatives, go on visits and attend family events. A close relationship with your host family will make a world of difference in your summer experience. Students are strongly encouraged to eat with their host families.

 Will I have free time? Certainly, each day during lunch/siesta you have over 2 hours of your time, evening activities are never mandatory, and Sunday’s are generally free. Your free time is yours, as long as you stay within the program boundaries. Most students spend their free time relaxing with fellow students or host family siblings.

What are the day excursions like? The excursions alone make this program an incredible value! Expect to explore rainforests, tropical islands, volcanoes, Latin music, open-markets, blue lagoons, a day-trip to a relaxing Pacific beach,  indigenous arts villages, coffee farm.  We go swimming at least once a week! Don’t forget our music and dance, high school fiestas!

We enjoy your questions – so please contact us!